Understanding Global Debt Epidemic

Posted by Patrick Ceresna on Nov 26, 2013 11:14:00 AM

There is no topic more misunderstood. Our educational system fails to teach it.  The mass ignorance of the problem is evident.  I had the opportunity to ask 10 grade 12 graduates - what was money? What was a fiat currency and who creates our money?  Not a single graduate could explain.  13 years of education and graduates do not know what money is and even how to balance a cheque book or how to manage personal debt. I took it a step further.  I asked the questions to 5 MBA graduates and shockingly only one was able to explain it to me. I then asked him how he learned it and he said he watched a video online.  Really?  Admittedly that is not a very large sample size and I am sure there are MBA courses that teach the theories of banking. But it does truly emphasize that the vast majority of people go through life never understanding the paper bills they have in their wallet and the debt that is inseparably linked to it.  

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