Jim Rogers: "We're About To Have The Worst Economic Problems Of A Lifetime"

Posted by Patrick Ceresna on Feb 12, 2017 9:37:42 PM

Joining hosts Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna is a man that needs no introduction, investing legend, Jim Rogers. Jim has become one of the most popular macro thinkers of our time.   Those not familiar with Jim, back in 1973, George Soros and Jim Rogers founded the Quantum Fund. During 1970 - 1980, the portfolio gained 4,200% while the S&P advanced about 47%.  The Quantum Fund was one of the first truly international funds.

In 1980, Rogers decided to "retire", and spent some of his time traveling on a motorcycle around the world.  He later wrote a book on his travels which instantly became a best seller.

In the interview, Jim discusses his views on:

  • What’s in store for the U.S. Equity Markets?
  • Outlook on the U.S. Dollar
  • Is the 35-year bond bull market over?
  • Where are junk bonds going?
  • History of government failures
  • His views on the global populist movements
  • Is there war on the horizon?
  • Are the Russian’s being scapegoated?
  • Update on his views on gold
  • His views on movement to cashless society
  • Are we moving away from a free society?

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